Shanghai Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (SFC) is a leading fine chemical company in Shanghai, China. and is dedicated to providing intermediate products and technology services to pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry.
   SFC was owned by Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science, and was established in 1990. In 2005, EcoGreen International Group Limited (Stock Code: HK 2341) acquired SFC as its R&D and Operations platform in Shanghai. The new SFC has excellent R&D foundation of Chinese Academy of Science. Based on original technology, SFC developed series of new pharmaceutical intermediates and agro chemical products. Also, SFC can provide lab research, pilot scale production, and large scale commercial production services for customers.
   SFC has over 1000 square meters research center in Shanghai, most of R&D staff are from prestige research institutes such as Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry, and famous universities. SFC also has wide connections and long term collaborations with famed institutes and universities worldwide.
   ISO 9001:2000 is strictly complied in the daily operating process in SFC. SFC has two fully equipped cooperating manufacturing sites which are 150 km from Shanghai in Jiangsu Province. Production scales range from hundreds of Kilos to thousands of tons.SFC also has good management structure, working environment and corporate culture. It is growing fast relying on the parent company!EcoGreen International Group Limited support of financing, management, customer sharing etc.
   We hold strict and scientific service concept to provide best products and technologies for customers, create values for customers and develop with customers.